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Getting to Know Woodberry: Derek Flowers

State-based advocacy can take you to places near and far. For Derek Flowers, that has meant visiting 48 out of 50 states for everything from bus tours and motorcycle rallies to zoo outings and bowling nights. He’s eaten apple pie across Iowa and sampled muktuk in Alaska.

Scanning the Horizon

Like a radar scanning the horizon for incoming threats, monitoring activity in Congress and federal agencies can strengthen, even save, a company.

The Sound of Missed Opportunity

We all know about the proverbial tree in the forest.  It fell, but nobody heard it. So, did it make a sound? 

Ask and you Shall Receive

Are earmarks, the newly reinstated member-directed spending initiatives, working? August’s Congressional recess is a good time to ask – and to reflect on where the appropriations process stands.

Getting to Know Woodberry: Susan Hepworth

When seven-year-old Susan Hepworth turned the family ironing board into a makeshift news desk, it was clear. She had a knack for public speaking. “I used it to ‘deliver’ the daily news to my family,” Susan recalls.

Making Advocacy Personal

Health. Education. Access. Abstract concepts may sound noble, but they rarely spur people to action. Personal stories do.

Saying it Once is Never Enough

Your white paper, your poll or your clinical study is finally finished. You’re ready to share your results with the world. But how?

Doing Data Right

Maybe your organization just conducted a national survey, a literature review or a claims analysis project. You’re eager to share your new data. But before you do, consider a few cold realities.

An Uncomfortable Question

We have all attended a meeting where the major stakeholders are in the same room. Participants share meals and battle stories. But when it’s all said and done, some people leave asking: What was the point?