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Getting to Know Woodberry: Erin Fedorchak

Erin Fedorchak once roamed Singapore shopping malls handing out free ice cream to incentivize “likes” on a business’ Facebook page.

She remembers the experience as a turning point.

“I suddenly realized all the creative ways that social media can connect businesses and people,” Erin reflects. “It seems strange now, but there was a time when people didn’t think about brands being on social media. It was more about people’s personal lives.”

The assignment was part of a college internship with an international brand distributor, an experience that pivoted Erin toward a career in digital communications. That career led her first to Boston, then Chicago and then on to Washington, DC, where she now leads digital communications for Woodberry Associates.

“Policy advocacy and social media are naturally intertwined,” Erin says of her work driving digital strategy and implementation for Woodberry’s clients.

In fact, Erin finds leveraging social media to highlight people’s voices to be one of the most rewarding parts of her work. Sometimes it’s a letter-writing campaign that empowers people to contact their legislators on a policy issue that matters to them. On other days, it’s a social media post on a rare heart condition that sparks an outpouring of support on Facebook.

“It’s rewarding to hear the stories and to share them on a platform that gives anyone a chance to make real-world change,” Erin says.

Erin Fedorchak is Digital Director of Woodberry Associates’ Strategic Communications Division.