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The Inflection Point: When Nonprofit Organizations Need Help

When passionate people come together to launch a nonprofit, enthusiasm for the cause can take the organization a long way toward realizing its mission.

But there comes a time when most organizations reach an inflection point.

  • Leadership starts to burn out.
  • Management can no longer handle current needs.
  • Funding or membership begins to decline.
  • Opportunities expand, but the organization lacks the vision or manpower to move forward.

At inflection points like these, a nonprofit needs the help of the right partner. 

Consider the example of a medical society that recently partnered with Woodberry Associates. The specialty society reached an inflection point after the retirement of its long-time executive director. Membership was dwindling, funding had dried up and, for the first time in nearly five decades, the organization didn’t host its annual meeting.

Even though long-time members’ passion was as strong as ever, the organization was on the brink of disappearing.

Woodberry stepped in and supported the society’s board of directors in strategically assessing how the organization could regain its footing. Next, Woodberry implemented a plan for sustainability and growth. Today, the number of dues-paying members is on the uptick, and the organization is back on solid financial footing.

It even pulled off a successful annual meeting virtually during the pandemic.

Woodberry Associates’ breadth of experience managing all types of nonprofit entities – from advocacy coalitions to medical societies and patient advocacy organizations to issue campaigns – means our team is well equipped to help manage nonprofit organizations.

Is your nonprofit at an inflection point? Do you know a patient group, a medical society or advocacy organization that isn’t quite meeting its potential?

Woodberry can help. To learn more, contact Woodberry today.