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Getting to Know Woodberry: Susan Hepworth

When seven-year-old Susan Hepworth turned the family ironing board into a makeshift news desk, it was clear. She had a knack for public speaking. “I used it to ‘deliver’ the daily news to my family,” Susan recalls.

Today, Susan has grown that early inclination into a successful career. 

Prior to joining Woodberry Associates, Susan spent nearly a decade in political communications. Susan traveled across the country for presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, serving in a number of communication roles. From state rallies to presidential debates, Susan tapped into a critical communication skill: identifying and delivering a compelling narrative. 

“Successful communication,” says Susan, “is being able to draw out people’s stories to create a real-world impact. It’s also knowing how stories and messages will be perceived by your audience.”

Susan now brings her communication expertise to Woodberry to amplify voices that shape policy. She’s also instrumental in building and supporting the organizations that spotlight those voices.  Susan guides coalitions and non-profit clients alike in developing stakeholder initiatives and advocacy strategies. Issues range from infant safety in hospitals to treatment access for patients with rare vision conditions. 

And Susan’s role still makes good use of her long-running talent for public speaking. From interviewing six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee at a national policy summit to hosting webinars with leading health care providers, Susan is still proving the power of good communication – one story at a time.

Susan Hepworth is a Partner and Senior Vice President at Woodberry Associates.