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Getting to Know Woodberry: Derek Flowers

State-based advocacy can take you to places near and far. For Derek Flowers, that has meant visiting 48 out of 50 states for everything from bus tours and motorcycle rallies to zoo outings and bowling nights. He’s eaten apple pie across Iowa and sampled muktuk in Alaska.

But state-based advocacy isn’t just about developing an appreciation for local flavors. It’s allowed Derek to cultivate a deep appreciation for how every person has the capacity to impact policy.

“Big changes start locally,” says Derek, who recognizes the value of highlighting the voices and stories of the people he meets. That’s included rural communities looking to the future. Parents who are fighting for a say in their child’s public education. And patients whose health insurer has pushed them to a different medication to cut costs.  

“These are people fighting for the things they need – the things that are important to them and their families,” Derek reflects. “They deserve to have their voices heard, and they deserve public policies that allow them to grow and prosper.”

Local voices continue to drive the advocacy Derek steers through Woodberry Associates’ Public Affairs division. The key, Derek notes, is “bringing stakeholders together around a common cause to make meaningful policy change.”

Derek Flowers is a Partner and Vice President at Woodberry Associates.