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Scanning the Horizon

Like a radar scanning the horizon for incoming threats, monitoring activity in Congress and federal agencies can strengthen, even save, a company.

Think about it. Favorable policy is never guaranteed. But with rising costs, growing support for protectionist trade policies and calls for higher corporate taxes, now is certainly not the time to ignore what’s happening in Washington.

Policymakers are poised to shake up the status quo. With the insights gleaned from policy monitoring, businesses can:

  • Stay aware of moving legislation and regulation
  • Anticipate political, policy or public relations challenges
  • Develop an informed position for discussions at think tanks or on traditional and social media
  • Proactively inform policymakers and regulators about how specific policies will impact their business.

It’s not enough just to recognize looming threats, however.

Companies that successfully navigate a policy challenge get involved early. And they have established relationships with the people making policy: members of Congress, agency leaders, and the staff who support them.

For any company whose success relies on a favorable policy environment, these three capabilities are a must: monitoring policy development, fostering relationships with decisionmakers and engaging allied interests.

Woodberry Associates has a track record of strategically counseling companies, providing policy monitoring, cultivating relationships with policymakers and engaging allied interests to help clients reach their desired outcome.

Is your organization prepared for incoming policy challenges? Woodberry can help. Contact us today.