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Saying it Once is Never Enough

Your white paper, your poll or your clinical study is finally finished. You’re ready to share your results with the world. But how? 

Perhaps, like many organizations, you publish a paper, send it out…and then forget about it after a couple months.

Consider taking a layered approach instead.

The key is understanding that everyone consumes content differently. For some people, a report or journal article will work fine. Others prefer a video or an infographic they can share and discuss on social media. By conveying your main messages in different formats over a period of time, you can maximize your content’s impact.

Here are a few ideas. 

  • Summarize with a blog post. This can offer a summary for readers who don’t have time to read a full report. Or it can showcase reflections on the findings from one of the authors or a thought leader within your organization. Another format to consider is a press release. 
  • Animate your top stats in a video. Videos generally perform well online, so capturing your top findings in a short, shareable video is a worthwhile investment.
  • Visualize your findings in an infographic. Starting with a comprehensive infographic, you can create smaller social media images that isolate individual themes or findings in a format that’s easy to share. 
  • Discuss the findings in a podcast or event panel. If your organization has a podcast, make an episode specifically about the findings. Or, if you have an event coming up, create a panel discussion to explore the implications of your research or white paper. 

This approach helps your organization build out a robust content calendar. But it also offers you creative ways to maintain the momentum initiated by your findings. 

Ready to take a layered approach to your communications? Woodberry Associates can help. Contact us today to learn how.