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Change is Coming for Crypto

It’s been said that Washington doesn’t act – it reacts. So with the value of crypto currencies plunging, calls for regulation are, not surprisingly, escalating.

What’s next for Build Back Better?

You’ve likely heard rumblings about a renewed effort to pass a signature element of President Biden’s economic agenda, the Build Back Better plan.

Getting to Know Woodberry: Elizabeth Simpson

Many people face struggles that never make headlines.  But as Woodberry Associates’ Elizabeth Simpson knows, that doesn’t mean their challenges aren’t important.

Demonstrating Need

With earmarks newly reinstated, members of Congress can now direct small pockets of federal spending to projects and priorities in their home state. 

A Good Story

If you want to change a policy or pass a law, have a good story. In advocacy, that advice is universal.

Getting to Know Woodberry: Derek Flowers

State-based advocacy can take you to places near and far. For Derek Flowers, that has meant visiting 48 out of 50 states for everything from bus tours and motorcycle rallies to zoo outings and bowling nights. He’s eaten apple pie across Iowa and sampled muktuk in Alaska.

Scanning the Horizon

Like a radar scanning the horizon for incoming threats, monitoring activity in Congress and federal agencies can strengthen, even save, a company.

The Sound of Missed Opportunity

We all know about the proverbial tree in the forest.  It fell, but nobody heard it. So, did it make a sound?