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Change is Coming for Crypto

It’s been said that Washington doesn’t act – it reacts. So with the value of crypto currencies plunging, calls for regulation are, not surprisingly, escalating.

Most recently, the Biden administration issued an executive order requiring agencies that monitor securities and commodities to study how to best regulate cryptocurrencies and crypto-adjacent products. Crypto stakeholders have been discussing regulation for quite some time, however. President Biden’s announcement simply made the possibility of a new regulatory framework real.

In short: Change is coming for crypto. And any company linked to crypto or blockchain technology is now keeping a close eye on what policymakers are saying and doing inside the Beltway.

Equally important in an election year is what candidates are saying on the campaign trail, and in what races crypto volatility is emerging as a hot topic.

From a policy perspective, almost nothing with crypto is settled. So as Woodberry monitors the emerging policy discussion, we categorize the facts, the rumors, the predictions and the unknowns. Woodberry has also mapped a timeline of major events for crypto regulation and policy below.  

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Crypto Timeline