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Getting to Know Woodberry: Andrew Roof

For Andrew Roof, childhood trips to the local bookstore sparked a lifelong interest in education – and education policy.

A first-generation college student from South Carolina, Andrew credits his grandfather with encouraging academics and reading. “He would buy me books and encourage me to take interest in new things,” Andrew recalls, noting that “Education has a ripple effect.”

For Andrew, that ripple led to a lifelong appetite for reading and the written word.  After graduating from the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business, Andrew fused his interest in communications and education policy through work at the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. There he honed his skills at supporting education policy through thoughtful and clear communication.

Andrew continues to grow those skills and put them to work for Woodberry Associates’ education-focused clients.

As a member of the firm’s Strategic Communications division, Andrew helps refine and amplify key messages – bringing critical education policies to life.

“It’s really boils down to making sure students are equipped with what they need to learn and to thrive, no matter their circumstances,” Andrew explains.

His favorite part? Knowing that the work he does lays the groundwork for kids to embrace education and chart their own path in life.

Andrew Roof is a manager in Woodberry Associates’ Strategic Communications Division.