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To Get in Front of DC, Pay Attention to the States 

When it comes to policy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the daily noise from Washington. Boisterous cable news talking heads, over the top tweets and sensationalized headlines may drive clicks, but they also distract and confuse. That’s not helpful for any business trying to anticipate the direction of the policies that can determine its success or failure.  

What’s a better barometer for what the future might bring? Look to the states. 

In statehouses across America, legislators and governors are closely connected to the people they represent. They live down the block, shop at the same grocery stores, and pay the same taxes at the pump. What difference does that make?

State policymakers have their finger on the pulse of the community, AND have the ability to get things done. While gridlock stymies Washington, D.C., in state capitols new laws are passed every year concerning important issues from health care and public education, to agriculture and business regulation.  

And what starts in Topeka, Des Moines or Tallahassee, often is adopted in many other states and may eventually be the model for federal policy. In short, what happens in Boise, doesn’t stay in Boise.

Woodberry Associates tracks policy in all 50 states by monitoring the issues that are priorities to our clients so they might not only react when a new bill is introduced in Jefferson City, but be ready to engage in every state and in Washington, D.C. as well.

To mute the noise, monitor the issues and track the policies that matter to your company, contact Woodberry today.