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Getting to Know Woodberry: Elizabeth Simpson

Many people face struggles that never make headlines.  But as Woodberry Associates’ Elizabeth Simpson knows, that doesn’t mean their challenges aren’t important.

Originally from Alabama, Simpson had an early awareness of public health issues. 

“Heart disease, obesity, these are major issues in the South and across the country,” Simpson acknowledges.  Simpson worries about children who face the impact of those diseases, and who inherit unhealthy lifestyles that saddle the next generation.   

“It’s almost a justice issue for children – to live in a way that’s healthy,” she explains, “especially because they can’t make choices for themselves all the time.”  

In public affairs work, Simpson finds the right combination of health policy and social change.

“Working with the rare disease community in particular has been gratifying,” Simpson reflects. “Many of these diseases most Americans have never heard of, may even struggle to pronounce.  But for the people living with rare diseases, it’s their life – every hour, every day.  They’re looking for innovation, for effective care, for research and access to the breakthroughs that research produces.”

Bringing the voices of these communities to light is a highlight of working in Woodberry’s Health Care Advocacy division, Simpson says.

“Health policy can marry with public affairs and really do some good for these people,” she notes.

Elizabeth Simpson is a Manager in Woodberry Associates’ Health Care Advocacy Division.