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3 Keys to Making Your Online Event a Success

By now, we’ve all attended dozens of events without ever leaving our home. Zoom fatigue is setting in. And maybe you’re left wondering: How do I navigate this new virtual normal and produce a memorable online event?

From national policy summits to medical society educational programming to patient empowerment forums, Woodberry Associates has produced a series of dynamic online events on behalf of its clients.

Here are a few lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Approach your event like a TV show, not a college lecture.

Looking at a computer screen is a lot like watching a TV. So it stands to reason that virtual programming works best when it resembles the evening news, a cable talk show or a Sunday public affairs program.

TV viewers are drawn to presenters who are compelling. And unlike students in a college lecture hall, they’re not accustomed to hearing a single speaker for a long period of time. A diverse line-up of engaging speakers will help to keep your viewers’ attention.

A central narrative is also important. By interweaving key messages and stories throughout the program, you craft a narrative that’s not only interesting but memorable. Attendees will retain your message long after they close their browser window.

Get creative with audience participation.

Meaningful audience interaction is a must for virtual events.

Make sure your platform supports robust Q&A and allows for conversations with event attendees. Use digital content that can be shared on social media or viewed later by those who could not attend in real time. You might also consider features such as breakout sessions or live polling to keep things interesting.

Finally, recognize that conversations happen differently online. Joining or asking questions on camera isn’t the only way for attendees to engage. Sometimes the most robust conversations begin in the chat box. Meet attendees where they’re comfortable and build the dialogue from there.

Promote! Your audience is now unlimited.

One major advantage of virtual events is that audiences are now practically unlimited. With some strategic planning and investment in promotion, you can grow your audience exponentially.

Newcomers will benefit from the programming, but they also may launch a new relationship that could grow your membership or expand your sphere of influence.

Your online events can be memorable and impactful. Contact Woodberry Associates to find out how.